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Poll Time

Here is the LINK to a survey that I created.

I'm hoping that you'll join me (and my oldest daughter) in a group read this summer. This will be the first of no more than four surveys to narrow down the choices. I'll leave the survey active until early Thursday (May 22) morning when I will create a new one with just the winners and put the link in a new post.

NOTE: You do not need to sign up after you fill in the survey. After you click submit it will bring you to the site that I created the survey on and it asks you to create an account. DO NOT create an account (unless you want to); it is not necessary to participate in my survey. Your answers will be recorded either way.


Carrie said...

Hi - I saw your link on The Mom Blogs Forum and thought I would pop over and say "HI" ... it really has been fun seeing how many moms are willing to share!

Wishing you speedy reading!

Chelsea said...

I think a group read would be fun! Took the survey. :)

Heather Johnson said...

What a fantastic idea! I posted my votes, but I didn't vote for any I'd already read. That being said, the books I DID NOT vote for (Night, Life of Pi, The Secret Life of Bees, and The Kite Runner) are ALL excellent and would be perfect for mother/daughter reads. I'll read along for sure, any maybe "borrow" a teen from church to read with me. :)

jenclair said...

What a great idea! Hope you and your group of moms and teens have a great time!