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"Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund" Blaize Clement

This is #2 in the Dixie Hemingway series by Blaize Clement. I really enjoy the plot of both books, but they are not the cozy mysteries that you might think from the cute covers and catchy titles. Way too much blood/gore and swearing to be considered a cozy. I'm not squeamish (I've been reading Stephen King since I was 13), I just don't want anyone to think these are 'cutsie' when they aren't.

In this one Dixie's life is in danger more so than in the first book. She begins to consider opening her heart to someone, technically two someones. I read this one in just 2 days it had me sucked in from Chapter One. We learn more about Dixie and her brother Michaels' life as children. I have book #3 on my Wishlist and I hope it gets posted soon.


Everybody who loves dachshunds knows about their adventurous streak. So when Mame, the elderly dachshund in Dixie Hemingway’s care, gets away from her to investigate a mound of mulch, Dixie isn’t surprised. What the dachshund digs up, however, is not only a surprise but a trigger for a whole new pile of jolting events that puts Dixie at the center of a hunt for a psychopathic killer—someone who fears Dixie saw him leaving the scene of a brutal murder. In the lovely seaside community of Sarasota, Florida, another desperate chase to collar a criminal is about to begin…

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