If you've come here through a link from a fellow bloggers' blog... I've moved!

and the winner is...

Joe Hill's "Heart-Shaped Box" is what I will dive into after "Murder of a Snake in the Grass" by Denise Swanson.

What are you reading? Send me an e-mail (you can find it at the left under the I Love E-Mail picture). Don't forget to add that address to your contacts!

Also you may have noticed a change in my layout. What do you think?


sallie said...
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Kylee said...
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scrappintrish said...

Hi Kylee,
I love the look of your blog! It reminds me of a "library" type of feel! love it! I also have a blogspot blog that I am just now starting to use for the books I have read. I was using it for all of my stamping and scrapbook things. I actually think I am going to start a new blog so that I can just focus on books with that one. I haven't gotten around to that yet. :)
I am currently reading "Love & Betrayl & Hold The Mayo" by Francine Pascal. It is a "teen" book. I actually switch what I read, I get bored with just reading one type of book for too long.. So i switch from Chick-lit to horror to mystery to teen reads. :) It is an okay book. Nothing I would read again. :)
Happy Reading I am going to go check out the rest of your blog.